CNC hop-up arm 2.0 for Wolverine MTW (for Nubs!)


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Precision made aftermarket hop-up arm for the Wolverine MTW stock & Phoenix hop-up chamber.

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We are happy to introduce You our second CNC hop-up arm for the Wolverine MTW!

This hop-up arm gives the user more options, as this utilizes nubs. You can use your preferred nub!


What has changed compared to the stock hop-up arm?

-you can use taller nubs, as we optimized this for usage with flat & concave nubs. ( Our nubs, Firefly nubs, Omega nub, Orga nub etc.)

-the pressure point is little bit moved towards the end of the barrel

-it is CNC aluminium so it has not flex

-Looks dope 😀


Our new nub range is recommended to use, as it was designed together so we can guarantee that it will work.


We recommend using Madbull Blue, Madbull Red Shark & Maple leaf buckings (Macaron, Super Macaron) and high quality heavy BB’s (0.36+)


Follow these easy steps to install:

-take out the stock hop-up/barrel assembly

-pop out the pin (don’t loose it, you will need it)

-take out your stock plastic hop-up arm and nub

-simply drop in your new CNC arm and add a little hop-up just to add tension the system, so the pin doesn’t fall out.



NOTE: This hop-up arm only works with the stock & Phoenix MTW hop-up chamber! With some Phoenix hop-ups it only works til setting 9!

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.


Silent Industries

1 review for CNC hop-up arm 2.0 for Wolverine MTW (for Nubs!)

  1. Gabriel K (verified owner)

    Buen acabado y cumple su funcion ayuda a eliminar el overhop con bucking maple leaf Super macaron

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