CNC hop-up arm for Wolverine MTW


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Precision made aftermarket hop-up arm for the Wolverine MTW stock & Phoenix hop-up chamber.

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We are happy to announce our first aftermarket part for the Wolverine MTW!

This hop up arm features an integrated concave nub for the best performance, while being very user friendly.

The nub is optimized so it won’t protrude into the chamber when hop-up is set to the lowest adjustment, this means you will not have a problem with over hopping BB’s at the lowest setting.

We recommend using regular type buckings like Madbull Blue, Madbull Red Shark and high quality heavy BB’s (0.36+)


Follow these easy steps to install:

-take out the stock hop-up/barrel assembly

-pop out the pin (don’t loose it, you will need it)

-take out your stock plastic hop-up arm and nub

-simply drop in your new CNC arm and add a little hop-up just to add tension the system, so the pin doesn’t fall out.



NOTE: This hop-up arm only works with the stock & Phoenix MTW hop-up chamber!

Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed.



Silent Industries

9 reviews for CNC hop-up arm for Wolverine MTW

  1. Henri (verified owner)

    Easy to install, high quality and gave me great results with only a maple leaf super macaron bucking. Also I’d give the service another 5 stars.

  2. Shuggie (verified owner)

    Great MTW upgrade.. nicely finished and an easy fit..
    It produces good hopup..

  3. Dolph

    First I got the 3D printed prototype hop-up arm from Silent Indsutries. I paired it with a macaron was already amazing.. Now I got the cnc’d arm in my mtw.. In one word awesome! Just a drop in upgrade, perfect fitment and perfect finish… Gives me great range! Keep up the good work and gives us more of those perfect upgrade parts!

  4. andrew deveney (verified owner)

    I received the CNC arm in about 2 weeks, tossed her into my Inferno, SBR MTW with the stock hop up unit, a flat hopped purple prommy bucking on a stock barrel. Took it to the field yesterday (6/20/2020) and it shot beautifully with EF .32 at 1.2j between 5-6 on the rotary wheel. Great product that I highly recommend for you stock hop up MTW users. 🤙

  5. Blske (verified owner)

    Great product was easy to install and great results and customer service 10/10

  6. Henry

    This hopup arm is very high quality and is made at very high tolerances. It fits perfect in the mtw hopup chamber and there is no play in the arm. The shape of the nub is perfect for both rhop and regular buckings. I use rhop and the hopup patch is perfect to lift the .48g bbs I use. Silent snipers customer service is excellent as well. This fixes the problem that the mtw has with their inconsistency using a plastic hopup arm

  7. Ben UK

    Great product for my MTW.
    Bought the version for nubs. Coupled with maple leaf super macaron 60

    Great customer service and after sales support too.

  8. Justin Ingle

    Will this over hop .28’s?

    • Silentadminzs

      It should not

  9. Oscar

    When will this get in stock again, been w8 for some time now 🙁

    • Silentadminzs

      We are making a hop-up so not anytime soon

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