GHK AK High Speed Buffer


High speed buffer for your GHK AK platform, increases ROF and improves cycling!

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Silent Industries  HSB (High Speed Buffer) for GHK AK is an essential part when using a heavy steel bolt in your GHK AK replica. (It can be used with stock GHK bolt carrier, but be prepared. it makes your AK go wild!)

HSB not only increases your Rate of Fire by 30% without decreasing gas efficiency, but makes Semi much faster as well. This means faster follow up shots!

When comparing our HSB to already existing AK buffers, our design is short stroked, has a hard stop at the end, no modification needed and it is cheaper!

In the slow-mo video below you can see a comparison of the HSB (upper) and the stock GHK buffer (lower).


This product is 3D printed using highest grade Carbon-Fiber filament.


Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your technician if needed.





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