About Shipping

We ship world-wide with Slovak Post.

So far we have sent orders to nearly every country, but if you are concerned about your destination, please email us!


When you place the order you will get a confirmation email with the order number (please check your spam box too)

If you get an email that your order is on-hold, do not worry, it means we are about to send it!

Once shipped, you will get an email that the order is completed and it will have your tracking number.

If the email doesn’t have the tracking number we can provide the it for your order. In case, please email us at: sales@silentindustries.eu with your order number and we will send the tracking number.


To track the order please use an universal tracker page like: https://parcelsapp.com/

We ship the items in bubble-wrap envelopes.


Shipping times

The usual shipping time is between 1-3 weeks depending on the location.

After you receive that your order is completed you can expect:


1 week within EU

1-2 weeks to UK

1-2 weeks to US

1-2 Weeks to Asian countries

2-3 Weeks to Remote locations


(Please note these are estimates from experience)

If you haven’t received your order 3 weeks after the email that states your order is “completed” please write us an e-mail!