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Extra support for the Hop-Up

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Let us introduce you a small but important part for the Forged and New Billet series with the Advanced Feed Tube.

The Hop-Up in some cases needs extra support and thats what this spacer does. It prevents side to side wobble and aligns the feed tube hole with the Hop-Up chamber hole for improved feeding.

Due to the tolerances some MTWs need this some not but it is a nice addition to make sure everything is aligned.


Why is it good?

-Perfect alignment with the feed tube

-Prevents wobble in the system

-CNC aluminum with hard anodize

-Has set screws to minimize tolerances and wobble with specific chambers

-Improves feeding and accuracy



Why is this better than adding wings to the Hop-Up?

-You can use it with our Alpha, Stock, Forged and Phoenix Hop-Up so it is not Alpha specific, we wanted to make an universal solution. (Phoenix is a bit different than the other three so there is a possibility it won’t work as intended, in our case it works so Phoenix users, please buy with keeping this in mind!)

-The wings align the Hop-Up to the outer barrel not the feed tube, so if the outer is twisted, the chamber won’t be aligned with the feed tube.


What’s included?

-The CNC Spacer

-2 set screws



Simply put it onto the chamber when it is already in the MTW, you can’t add and screw it to the chamber, screws are just for minimizing tolerances and play! After adding it there simply install the feed tube.



Disclaimer: All aftermarket upgrade parts require necessary skill or modification to install and assemble, please consult with your airsoft technician if needed. This part is only for toys.




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