Silent Industries ARM-X for Wolverine MTW


Aftermarket Hop-Up arm for Wolverine MTW CNC chamber

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We are bringing back the CNC arm option for the MTW, based on the “legacy” of our V1 and V2 arms.

We tried to offer performance similar to our high-end Alpha chamber with just an arm & nub combo, this is how our new aftermarket arm was born, the ARM-X. 


  • We optimized this arm for our Black and Blue nubs (extended versions too)
  • Same Pressure point as our Alpha chambers
  • Made for Wolverine CNC chamber!!!

What is included?

  • Regular Blue nub
  • Stainless Steel Pin

DISCLAIMER PLASE READ: This CNC arm was made to be used with the new Wolverine CNC chamber! Can be used in the Stock Plastic and Phoenix chamber as well, but will have some minimal side to side wobble! This is due to the CNC chamber having tighter arm channel. You can shim the Phoenix with some electrical tape! Do not use this arm with our MTW Alpha chamber, it is not needed! 


What bucking ad nub to use?

  • We generally recommend to use the Blue nub for BBs under .36 and Black nub for BBs over 0.36.
  • Buckings with a regular contact patch (G&G Green, Madbull Red, Madbull Blue) we recommend regular length nubs
  • Buckings with longer contact patch (ML Super Macaron, Begadi buckings, Rhop) we recommend the extended length nubs (regular length can be used too!)

We include a regular blue nub with the ARM-X as it is the most universal nub we make!





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